Language, technology, nature

If it is true that Homo sapiens is the result of three phenomena which originated from bipedalism, i.e., freedom (from forces of nature etc.), technology (objects of manufacture) and language (verbal language and symbolic languages), then only language suffers from the impossibility to be improved upon. While we can to a large extent (although not entirely yet) subjugate nature to our desires (except cyclones, earthquakes etc.), we can also construct objects that are close to being self-sufficient and self-replicating (nanotechnology, computers, etc.), we cannot improve on verbal language. Progress is measured with respect to our ability to be free bio-agents, to construct evermore independent artifacts, but not to develop a significantly different system of verbal language. Language, therefore, lags behind the two of the most important characteristics that make us human, and this, perhaps, may be our salvation.

On the margins of the essays by Lorenzo DeStefano (“La liberta` fragile. Una prospettiva antropologica tra Gunther Anders e Andre’ Leroi-Gourhan”) and Luca LoSapio (“Human enhancement technologies. Verso nuovi modelli tecnologici. Parte I”)


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