Incredible illogicalities of the human world

This is a new series of blog posts dealing with the incredibly illogical ways in which human beings function in groups, institutions, and networks, basically digging themselves into holes which are extremely difficult to climb out of without dire consequences.
The readers are invited to comment and to add to these as necessary. The numbering does not reflect any value judgement (i.e. number one is not the most incredible illogicality). Let’s see if we can not only add to these but also find ways which would undermine the strength of some of these by now so ingrained convictions that we do not realize the full destructive potential of them.

1. Charging university students tuition fees for courses in public universities. For example, Ontario university student debt amounts to an average of $25,000 per student.

2. Measuring everything in  financial  terms. For example, Ray Kurzweil measures his law of accelerating returns in terms of the ratio of price/performance capacity of information technology.

3. Wanting, buying, selling, owning two or more residential dwellings. For example, buying a cottage.

4. Replacing old technology with ever powerful gadgets but constructing both by using powerfully toxic elements. Specifically, neither the engineers nor the consumers ask themselves where do the old cell phones end up.


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