Incredible illogicalities of the human world (travel related): 21-25


21. Airlines have regulations about the size of carry-ons. But the airlines themselves allow passengers to bring even bigger bags into the cabin.

22. The price of gas is down. But passengers still have to pay extra for luggage.

23. There are machines which read your passport and customs declaration at the TO airport. But there are still at least 6 humans to “direct” passengers to the machines and take the print-outs which the passengers hand in to them.

24. Airplane seats are the most uncomfortable public transport furniture to sit in, to get out of and to get in. The designers of airplane seats never sat in any of their inventions.

25. Having a computer touch screen at the back of the airplane seat makes the plane ride even more uncomfortable as the person who is using the touch screen presses so hard you get a jolt every time.

Of course,  22 may cause 21.


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