Incredible illogicalities of the human world (focus on energy): 31-33

This installment of the series devoted to the incredible illogicalities of the modern world focuses on energy*. The examples below are not only illogical in view of the state of energy production word-wide today, but are downright absurd. And yet, no obvious opposition to them exists. How do we make these absurdities disappear?


31. Restaurants using lighted gas fireplaces on their patios in the summer.

32. City by-laws forbidding the use of outside cloth lines to hang washing.

33. Household air conditioning units without the feature which turns them off when the windows/doors are open.

34. Please add the ones you find illogical in the comment section below.

The previous installments can be found in the posts from 29 June 2014, 4 August 2014, 13 September 2014, 26 June 2016, 2 March 2016, 1 April 2016.


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